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  • Welcome and thank you for your interest in the ACA 2020 application process. To help with your application please bear in mind the points below:

    • The award is open to cities with at least 50k inhabitants
    • Entries need to be submitted by the local municipality or mayoral office. If you are not connected to these authorities please do contact them and ask them to take part in this year's award. You can share the link to our official website and ask them to find out more at
  • Your application should be written as clearly and concretely as possible so the national and European jury will be able to appreciate your efforts in the area of accessibility. Please focus on facts and numbers. Whenever it is possible give examples including qualitative and quantitative data. Make sure that you have clearly presented your approach and strategy in accessibility and that you have underlined all innovative and extraordinary activities that led you to success in this area. Indicate the timeframe of the activities: when they were launched, what the future developments will be.

    The indicated maximum number of characters available for each reply includes spaces.
    Deadline: 11 September 2019, 24:00 CET


  • Help Include here some basic information about your city, its morphology and history insofar as these aspects can have an impact on accessibility (for instance whether it is built on hilly ground, or has a medieval centre with narrow streets and hurdles difficult to overcome for wheelchair users or the visually impaired).   700


  • Please provide a general description of existing and planned initiatives, making reference to the following four areas:

    1. Accessibility to the built environment and public spaces
    2. Accessibility to transportation and related infrastructures
    3. Accessibility to information and communication, including information and communication technologies
    4. Accessibility to public facilities and services

  • Help For each initiative / action / programme include its aim, objectives, beneficiaries, start date and end date. Demonstrate global approach and ambitious vision for the future in tackling accessibility in your city. Where possible, quantify the level or percentage of accessibility in the areas below. For example: percentage of accessible metro stations, work environments, number of vehicles, websites, buildings, public administration etc.   2600


  • Help Please demonstrate the global policy on accessibility carried out in your city by presenting for instance: inclusion of accessibility in a coherent strategy or policy framework; high-level policy statements and commitments to accessibility; mainstreaming in the city’s policies and its regulations; structures or framework to implement/coordinate/monitor accessibility actions, responsible department(s), main actors involved, initiatives by private sector (if any) resources and staff allocated; monitoring and evaluation mechanism, information if a city has carried out a cost-benefit analysis of implementing accessibility.   1300


  • Please include quantitative and/or qualitative data to support the impact and effectiveness of your initiative + benchmark. You are free to upload links, documents or audiovisual material (films or pictures) that demonstrate the results and changes. The impact assessment must refer to initiatives mentioned in the Section “Scope of activities”.

  • Help Please provide examples as well as qualitative and quantitative data. It is important to mention project(s) – if any - involving people with intellectual disabilities.   1300
  • Help Please provide concrete examples.   1300


  • Help The quality of results is defined in terms of improvements made to the level of accessibility and its compliance with standards and legislation. You may also indicate whether your initiatives are related to any local, regional, national and European actions. Delivering sustainable results to ensure the full accessibility requires continuous efforts, the establishment of a sound structure and monitoring mechanisms (regular checking, notifying and repairing problems, handling complaints training on accessibility for city's staff etc.). Please present the evaluation and monitoring mechanisms set up in your city as well as the resources allocated.   1300
  • Help Please describe and indicate the time frame, if possible.   1300
  • This is an optional question. The applicant is not obliged to reply to this question if it is not relevant

  • Help This is an optional question. The applicant is not obliged to reply to this question if it is not relevant.   1300


  • Help Please describe these activities by providing examples. Where possible, please include the views of persons with disabilities on the accessibility of the city.   1300
  • Help Please give examples; you may also mention your membership in different kinds of organisations related to accessibility etc.   1300
  • Help Please give examples; you may also mention your membership in different kinds of organisations related to accessibility etc.   1300


  • Help Please state what is your city especially proud of. You may indicate what distinguishes your accessibility policy and which measures are especially worth to be promoted as good examples for other cities.   1300


  • o| In addition to the information provided in the application form, candidates must upload the Mayoral declaration, the Declaration on honour, the Legal Entity Form (LEF) and the Financial Identification Form (FIF).

    o| A total of five files (maximum size of each file is 10 MB) may be uploaded. The uploaded files can be in the national language of EU MS countries, taking part to the competition.

    o| Accepted file formats are: doc, docx, rtf, pps, ppsx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, pdf, zip, gif, jpeg, jpg, png.

    o| Each uploaded document must be appropriately named . The file name should clearly state what the file represents or contains.

  • You might want to provide some additional brief information about content of the supporting documents in the field below.

  •   3000


  • Help Provide here all necessary contact details for the person in your administration responsible for this application.
  • Help You will automatically receive at this email address a PDF copy of your registration
  • Help Please provide the postal address to which the Access City Award brochure and information about future Access City Award editions should be sent.
  • Help Please include also links to your administration's website and, if available, to pages on disability and accessibility.   1000

DISCLAIMER: Unless the opposite is explicitly requested by the participating city, the submitted presentation texts can be made public on the Access City Award web site . The processing of personal data shall meet the requirements of Regulation (EU) No 2018/1725.